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At Livermore Tree Service, Ulmar we make it our number one priority to provide the most straight forward and comprehensive tree service in all of Livermore. We focus on delivering quality and personalized services that cater specifically to each customer’s needs since every tree is different. Our end goal is always the same: To make your property look stunning!

The peace of mind knowing your trees are well taken care off at all times also contributes greatly towards a better experience for you as a homeowner or business owner with us here at Livermore Tree Service, Ulmar

The dedication we have to our customers is demonstrated by the care and attention that goes into every interaction. We want you to feel heard, understood, cared for-and above all else informed! That’s why we make it a priority not just at your appointment with us but before then too: whether on the phone or online via email correspondence. Our commitment also extends beyond what can be documented in paperwork alone; because of this when there are any changes made during treatment related decisions they’re always communicated thoroughly so as never to leave anyone feeling confused about their own choices or upcoming treatments.

We are committed to providing you with the best tree service available. That’s why we make sure our experts provide high-quality work and care about your property looking its absolute best.

Simply put, our customers come first. Here at Livermore Tree Service, Ulmar your trees really are our passion.




Ulmar Tree Service

Livermore Tree Service is the leading tree services in Livermore

At Livermore Tree Services, our Ulmar Tree Service includes tree removal and trimming for trees that are in need of TLC. We have been a part of the business long enough to know exactly what needs to be done for trees’ health or elimination so you can make an educated decision about your beloved greenery. Our team will give you all the necessary information on how we’ll get rid of any diseased limbs or hazardous branches while providing professional service with every step through this process


If you are looking for a professional and affordable tree removal service in Livermore, then we have what you need. Our team of experts is experienced with removing trees from both residential properties as well as commercial sites without harming the surroundings safely. We do this by using specialized tools to cut your trees into small pieces which can be hauled away easily afterward (so don’t worry about that). Whatever type of tree it may be or where on the property it’s located; our skilled technicians will use suitable techniques designed specifically for their needs- so come see us today!

We offer Tree Removal Services by Licensed Professionals



The tree trimming and pruning process is not the same thing. Tree trimming involves cutting down overgrown trees, while pruning cuts dead or diseased parts off of a living tree to help it live longer. Livermore Tree Company offers both services to maintain your home’s landscaping and ensure you have healthy trees for years to come!

Pruning also plays an essential part in prolonging the life cycle of your plants as well by removing some unhealthy branches that may hinder growth or become infested with insects like beetles which can cause damage throughout different areas on your property if left untreated long enough



Grinding and removing stumps from your property is a complicated task that should be done soon after the tree removal. Otherwise, it can lead to health issues because stump encourage fungal growth. Many insects start getting attracted to these stumps; so you must obtain our stump removal services for your Livermore property as quickly as possible before someone trips on one of them or gets harmed in any way by remaining fungus-ridden stubs!



You might be one of those people who have ignored getting their trees trimmed and pruned for an extended period. You are not alone as many other people make the same mistake. However, now that you are here, how about you get our professional tree pruning services? We offer these various types of service because it is quite understandable that not everyone is fully qualified and trained to maintain their trees. Moreover, we know from experience that this type of procedure needs to be performed in a certain season since there’s so much science behind what goes into trimming or cutting off branches on fruit bearing plants without damaging them too severely which can then lead to premature death- especially if done at the wrong time!


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